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Summer Internship    

The Department of Industrial and Business Management aims to cultivate students' professional knowledge in management and a diligent and honest work ethic. The "Enterprise Internship" course is offered to third-year students in the department and is worth 3 credits. The course is scheduled for two months (July-August) during the summer break between the third and fourth year. The course design emphasizes the combination of theory and practice, with the aim of enhancing students' management abilities and professional knowledge through internships and corporate observations.

Through participation in enterprise internships, students in the department absorb practical experience through the "learning by doing" approach. In selecting internship companies, students choose reputable organizations and companies with sound management systems and established scales. The Formosa Plastics Group, which has excellent business performance in Taiwan and has a good foundation for cooperative education with the department, has comprehensive management systems and abundant teaching resources. It can provide ample opportunities for the department's students to work, intern, and observe businesses. The department encourages students to make good use of this resource advantage and participate in Formosa Plastics Group's internship opportunities.

When participating in enterprise internships, students in the department need to maintain an active learning attitude and accept guidance from various levels of management. Through the "learning by doing" approach, they can obtain management practical experience. At the same time, the department's teachers participate in student internship counseling work according to their expertise, in order to achieve the educational goals of close cooperation and mutual assistance among companies, teachers, and students, and to implement the education model of the integration of teaching, research, and practice.

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Society Caring and Business Ethics 

Providing opportunities for students to interact with socially vulnerable groups, through which they can get to know and understand each other's ideas, attitudes, and differences in daily activities. This aims to enable students to feel and cherish their own happiness and life by serving socially vulnerable groups, and thus cultivate empathy.

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