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dsc_16371.jpgThe Industrial and Business Management Department provides  comprehensive academic curriculums. The department offers degree programs ranging from undergraduate to Master’s level in Industrial Management and Business Administration. 

The undergraduate program (Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA), established in 1994 and originally named Industrial Management, has approximately 50 enrollments each year. The Master’s Program (Master of Science in Management, M. Sc.), which was established in 1995 and originally a M.B.A. degree, has approximately 40 enrollments each year.  In addition, the department also offers Master of Business Administration programs to people who have had years of working experience.  All Master of Business Administration programs, including full-time MBA, Executive MBA program (EMBA), and the Asia-Pacific MBA program (AP-EMBA) have been offered by the School of Business since 2008.

Ya-Yung Tan 

The graduate school’s interdisciplinary teaching and training gives me a breadth of knowledge and helps me meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced and increasingly complicated business environment.   It also  seamlessly connects my studies and my work.



1150.jpg Fu-Hsiang Hsu 

The two-month internship provides me with a fantastic opportunity for both my work and my studies.  It also puts me in a better position for further studies in the future, and I also learned a few tips for job interviews. I highly recommend the business and management programs of Chang Gung University.  The four years of studying here were character building and also gave me an array of tools to succeed in the business environment.